About New Horizons therapeutic boarding school for troubled adolescents, located in Montana. A Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens.

New Horizons Youth Ranch is a therapeutic boarding school with a home-like environment, where troubled boys come to develop better life attitudes, grow in their belief, and live life in a safe and nurturing environment.

A Beautiful Rural Location

therapeutic boarding schoolsNestled in the beautiful mountains of Montana facing the Canadian Rockies, New Horizons Youth Ranch offers a Christian residential program for boys ages 9 to 17.

We have two boys ranches. One is 40 acres nestled in the Mission Mountain Valley of Ronan, Montana. It about 14 miles from Flathead Lake where the boys fish and swim. The other is 10 acres 1 mile west of Lake Kookanusa at Rexford, Montana. Each boys’ facility houses up to 12 boys and includes BBQ facility, cattle, horses, ranch work.

Wonderful Dedicated Staff

boarding school for teensTom & Rosie Harrell – President and Admissions Director as Founders of New Horizons Youth Ranch

Rosie and Tom Harrell are married with 4 children and 8 grandchildren. They have been working with boys at New Horizons Youth Ranch since 1999. Within the family setting, Tom serves as the father figure and mentor for the teen boys. He mentor’s spiritually, as well as with the much needed daily living skills and responsibilities every young man needs to learn and know. Tom’s 25 plus years of experience in all aspects of construction as a licensed contractor have been utilized at New Horizons Youth Ranch as he and the boys recently finished building a house locally for a neighboring resident.

This community service project served as an excellent opportunity for the boys to train in vocational skills as well as experience the gift of giving. In addition to the construction skills, there are many other opportunities available to learn life skills. One area of emphasis is learning to help and serve others. Some of the projects recently completed range from making a cross-country trip to assist a neighbor with a move to Tennessee to preparing and distributing almost 300 evangelistic Christmas gift bags for students in the local public school. Additionally, Tom teaches the boys a variety of outdoor skills through hunting, fishing, hiking, swimming, horseback, and camping excursions.

As the Admissions Director, Rosie brings accumulated wisdom and experience to New Horizons Youth Ranch.

troubled teen boarding schoolsLarry & Debbie Nicholas – Counselors

Larry and Debbie have extensive experience in disciplining , training, counseling, church planting and are also involved in International Pastoral care. Larry has served, taught and led internationally with YWAM for over 33 years, pioneering works in Asia, Hawaii, South Pacific Islands, Canada and mainland United States including 10 years in Japan and 7 years as leaders of YWAM-Japan National Council.

Larry travels and speaks nationally and internationally on the “Father Heart of God”, Spiritual Warfare, Openness & Brokenness, Intercession, Holiness and is an anointed corporate prayer leader.

They have an extended amount of years counseling teens and people of all ages.

Larry and Debbie live in Ronan, Montana with their two daughters, Angela and Joleah.

Pam & Dennis Helmer

Pam & Dennis Helmer

Pam Helmer is a 1978 graduate of Southern Bible College in Houston, with a B. S. in Christian Education. She has taught for 35 years using multiple curricula. She has been married for 33 years to her husband Dennis and they have 3 grown children. Her hobbies include reading, sewing, and shopping.

Dennis Helmer is a 1983 graduate of Plymouth International Bible Institute and Seminary in Plymouth, Florida, with a B. S. in Theology. He is an ordained minister and has taught various disciplines for over 30 years. A veteran, he was honorably discharged in 1976 as a sergeant in the U. S. M. C.

Pastor Curtis McDuffie – Pastor & Ministry Advisor
“Pastor Curt” has been at Chapel of Praise for the past 7 years as their Senior Pastor. He and his wife “Ms. Stephanie,” as all the youth call her; have two teenage boys and a big heart for the youth in the local area. Reaching out to the youth and offering love and support comes naturally to them.

Pastor Curt is available for counseling and mentoring with the youth as well as the staff at New Horizons Youth Ranch. The boys look up to Pastor Curt as an amazing role model and spiritual adviser. He knows and understands the struggles that are facing the young people of today – the youth of the 21st Century. Pastor Curt is an amazing man and a quite a blessing to New Horizons Youth Ranch.

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School that provides troubled teens with teen counseling and adolescent therapy. Our therapeutic residential school serves teens from homes in the Midwest, in Texas, in California, in Oregon and in Washington State on the West Coast and in Oklahoma and in Nevada. In the Midwest teens come from homes in Michigan, in Ohio, in Indiana, in Wisconsin and in Illinois. And in the northern states, from homes in Montana, in North Dakota, in Minnesota, and in Idaho. Along the East Coast we have teens in our therapeutic boarding school from families in New York, in Delaware, in Pennsylvania, in Massachusetts, in Connecticut and in New Jersey. Troubled teens come mostly from the U.S. and Canada.

Christian Boarding School for Adolescents, with residential therapy for anger, depression, reactive attachment disorder (RAD), intermittent explosive disorder (IED), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), attention deficit, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), substance abuse, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), eating disorders, self-harm, or rebellion. A therapeutic residential program and academy for troubled boys and girls.

About New Horizons therapeutic boarding school for troubled adolescents, located in Montana. A Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens.